Project 2: Christmas Gifts

Here are some of the "JOY" plates I made for gifts this year.
For someone with a wintery blue and silver snowman theme:
For my mom who has a red and green ginger bread theme (notice the tiny gingerbread man charm at the bottom) :

For someone with a red and white scheme:
General red and green old fashioned Christmas scheme:

Then I made some yummy home-made treats for neighbors and friends.
Peppermint Swirl Marshmallows:
("You've NEVER made your own marshmallows?????" inside joke.)
Heating the sugar
Beating the egg whites:
After slowly adding the hot sugar to egg whites---so beautiful and fluffy!
Spread in a pan and swirl on food coloring:
Cut into shapes, dip in powdered sugar and voila!
My girls absolutely loved them! Then I made several batches (cuz someone kept eating it all....not me, though....*winks*) of fudge, soda cracker candy, ginger chews and that's it, I think.
I love Christmas and all the baking and present making, but I'm glad to have a 300 and some odd days' break! Aren't you??
Until next year, friends!!


Kristin said…
I just love homemade gifts. I wish I was craftier, so I could make some myself!
You are so talented! Love those Joy decorations.