I'm Sick

There is no other way to describe it....I have a sickness.

I have..............

a shoe addiction.

There. It's out there.

I don't think I could ever have too many shoes. And I realize that is a sickness. Sadly, it's one I don't really want to recover from. And I think that may be the worst part. :/

When I saw both of the following shoes, I literally had a visceral and audible reaction:

Out-loud gasp.
Fan-FLIPPING-tastic right??? And these are just a small, small, smaaaaallllll sample of the many different styles and shoes I.......I guess the correct term is "web-stalk"?
I'm coining the phrase now, FYI. ;)

Now, that doesn't mean I buy these shoes. It just means I drool over them and fantasize about wearing them and putting together imaginary outfits with them (occasionally checking to see if my size is still in stock.....just in case I win the lottery. OCD, I know.) These shoes are actually pretty inexpensive on the 'expensive shoe scale'. All well under $200. But my acceptable shoe price is under $50. Preferably under $20. Sadly, it's difficult to fall in love with shoes that are under $20. It happens, but it's rare. Take a look at these Tar-jay beauties:

I'm not falling over dead, but not bad, right?? They remind me a little of ballroom dance shoes, but with a little platform and some of the ruffle trend that is just humongous right now. I think they are SUPER cute and would look good on anyone's feet. The best part?? They are only $19.99! I'm not going to buy them, but any of you are welcome to go out at getcha some.

BUT, for now, I will just settle for window lusting-er-I mean--shopping. And I'll enjoy it.


Katy said…
oh man, I too love shoes and own like no shoes which doesn't classify me as an addict- but it is a wanna be addiction- I am afraid of heels that are too high and that makes shoe life sad sometimes
You would look awesome in those shoes! Opps, maybe I shouldn't have said that :)
We sooooooo need to go to DSW together and have audible gasps left and right.