I'm going nuts....and bolts!

As I mentioned in my last post, I "volunteered" to decorate a mini-tree for the Festival of Trees this year. I was sort of sad to not be involved as much as I have been the past three years, so I was a teensy bit excited when I was asked to help---even if it was only in a very small way. It benefits such a good cause and it's fun to be creative. What a perfect combination!

My theme was "Hardware Holiday" . Everything on the tree (with exception to the lights and the styrofoam balls) were purchased at my local ACE hardware store. In addition, I found an antique metal tool box at a cute ETSY shop that I used to display the tree in.

I would have done some things differently (as usual) and I wish the little wire mesh "snowflakes" that I made were more visible, but all in all, I was pleased with the result. Here are some pictures:

Up Close of the glittered wrenches, nail ornaments, wire mesh snowflakes and washer/copper wire garland:
Making the nail ornaments:
(AKA the "glitter storm")
Finished Product:

In addition to the tree, I made a small number of baked goods for the bake sale portion of the Festival.
Mint-Chocolate Whoopie Pies:
Self Explanatory.... :)

It was super fun and always an honor to help out. It was a fantastic "kick-off" for my Holiday Season. Truly, the most wonderful time of the year!! Busy, but wonderful! ;)


You are so amazing! I am so sad I did not get a chance to eat those whoopie pies. They look amazing!
Ahren said…
Awesome job! Those whoopie pies made my mouth water! Yummy!