{Sneak Peek}

I am working on a top-secret 'yet to be named' project.

Here is a little preview......

Do you like the color/pattern combos?

{can you tell I'm into the whole Citrine and Lagoon color scheme right now??}

I will keep you filled in as things progress........ :D


Katy said…
SO funny... I hadn't even read this post yet. You probably think I was copying you. Seriously, we were shopping for fabric simultaneously?? I want to know what it is.
I LOVE THE COLOR/PATTERN COMBO!! I need you to help me put throw pillow fabrics together. I need to add a punch of color to my front room. That isn't black, white, brown or sage.
Plus. I have been looking up how to make your own throw pillow forms out of muslin. Do you know anything about this?? I am going to have a down pillow topper that will no longer fit my NEW king sized bed. I am trying to figure out if I can use the stuffing to make my own 'down' pillow forms.

told you you shouldn't have gotten involved.