Demolition, Baby!!

What a mess!!
Our granite guys offered to tear out the rest of the cabinets and haul away the old appliances (including the bathroom cabinets and sinks!) for a REALLY good deal!
I am SOOOO grateful!
----(cuz WE would have had to deal with all this craziness)----

It was super dusty, too, with tearing out the tile and stuff--
they had fans blowing out the doors and windows. Yuck.

oh. my.
[the light at the end of that tunnel was non-existent at this point....]

post-demo! A blank slate!
look at what a great job of cleaning up they did!
(nice linoleum, btw! it was hiding underneath the carpet)
but we got the pantry wall knocked out! ahh--visual progress!!

kitchen cabinets went in over the next two days! Great job, Justin!! You are speedy!

Aren't they GORGE?!
Creamy colored maple with slight hand glazing details.
Notice the bump-out at the sink, and it's hard to see, but the bar side has a large arch, echoing the arched valance over the sink.
We put a row of cupboards on the opposite side of peninsula for storage:

My ginormous nook banquette seating! i'm in LOVE with the fabric.
(I basically designed the whole entire house around this fabric)
I knew I wanted to use it somehow, some way, the first time I laid eyes on it! Remember this post from way back??
It's outdoor fabric so it's water-resistant, but I'm totally going to scotchguard it, just in case!
(i still want to add tufting and a nailhead trim, but that will be last on my ever-growing list)

Girls bathroom cabinets: black painted maple with slight distressing.
We added a second sink as well.

Master bath cabinets: classic dark stained maple.
I LOVE the huge sink we picked--(pics to come)

The next set of pictures will show the paint, countertops and (possibly) flooring!
We are getting there!

So close, and get the idea!


Katy said…
ahh!!! I have been out of town and have so much to catch up on both your blogs... SO MUCH going ON!! and SO exciting!

I will read and comment soon. I am SO happy for you and feeling a little stressed for you that you have to live a normal life amidst the other part of your life that would be SUPER consuming!

talk to you soon!
Carr Family said…
Everything is looks so great!!! You have an eye for picking some great looking stuff. Love that fabric you picked for the benches. It's gorgeous!
Ahren said…
Look fabulous so far.Hopefully I'll get to see it when we come to visit!