::The Second Stage::

After moving out all of the stuff that was still in the house (which actually took a lot of time), we were able to move on to the demo stage!! That's most every one's favorite part!
Here are some pictures of this new phase:
wallpaper, buh-bye! it's already soooo much lighter!
Cabinets over peninsula torn down! Next photo is my dad working on putting them up in the garage for awesome storage! Thanks, dad!

built in hutch in nook torn out to make way for the new walk-in pantry:

Cabinets in Hallway torn out (also re-used in garage) to make way for new ones!

More pics to come! You won't believe the transformation!!


Carr Family said…
I can't wait!!!!!
A Roper said…
YEAH! I can't wait to see the finished product! And why haven't you called me to watch your girls while you work on this???? :) CALL ME!!!
Katy said…
wow... I am so excited for you!! Can't wait for more pics.
Miss you