Random Non-New House Related Thoughts

A few thoughts:

Design Star.

I always hate the contestants on reality shows. Ok, almost all of the contestants. I usually pick the lesser of the evils to root for. I didn't watch the first season (i think this is only the 2nd?? Could be like the fourth...) Project Runway was on at the same time last season and my husband made me chose...but it wasn't really a choice because he would only watch Runway. Which is totally cool because I-HEART-Runway. Come back soon would ya???) So the previous winner of Design Star, DAVID BROMSTAD, is one of the most talented people I've seen in a long time. I love his show Color Splash on HGTV and try not to miss an episode. He just seems like cool guy. I figure, if the show could produce such a great designer/artist, then I MUST watch it this time. The first episode aired last Sunday and (they keep showing re-runs in case you missed it). I don't really love anyone in particular (except the judges---they picked the perfect balance of people this year! Genevieve Gorder, Vern Yip and Candace Olson. I love all three. I watch all of their shows too.....I think I may have an unhealthy obsession with HGTV........) The contestants are relatively talented, some professionally trained and some self taught, and some actually surprised me! I found myself kind of sad when the episode was over---I could watch design competition type shows 24/7. No kidding! I can't wait for the next episode. If you loved 90210, they are decorating a room in "Brandon's" and "Valerie's" houses in L.A. in an upcoming episode. Should be fun!

Secondly: I love the Kelly Wearstler Imperial Trellis print. Every "designer" from here to Timbuktu has said they are "sooo over it". And yes, I've seen in LOTS of places, every home decorating magazine and high end decor, but dang if I'm still not in love with it. So shoot me.

So what's you're opinion?? Hate it? Love it? Think I shouldn't care if it's one of the biggest current design faux-pas?? The fabric can be found no cheaper than $150/yard. Yes, people. PER YARD!!!! But, I (exhaustedly) researched my brains out and found a replica that is a fraction of the cost. Find it here. What do you think of it? Yes, it's polyester vs. linen. But Linen wrinkles, folks. But $11/yard is wayyyy better. There is another version that is slightly different, but very close. And it's only 8.95/yard. That's more in my price range....

I really appreciate soooo many different styles of decor---especially well designed and thought out ones. That is why it's been so hard to get things picked out for my house because I love sooo many non-coordinating styles. But I think I've done an OK job blending a few of my favorites all while keeping my husbands tastes and my children's needs in mind.

Guess I'd better go and get recording more HGTV!!! ;)


"Ohhhhhhhhh! We're Half-Way Theeeee-eeerrrrrrrre!"

Yes, we're "Livin' on a Prayer"....

that we will finish this project sometime this year! Ha ha!!

No really, we are so close. We've actually made more progress beyond this set of pictures, but I just keep forgetting to bring my camera over to the house with me. And my cell phone pictures are quite pathetic. :) So I apologize about the quality.
But here are some new-ish pictures for y'all:

Girls bath up close:
Pale pink upper wall and ceiling with this faux-tin tile wallpaper on the bottom third of wall (black chair-rail to come):

Family room:
Drywall primed, walls textured and then primed again, ceiling and beams painted.

Close up of ceiling and beams
One wall painted
(the beams are actually a shade or two lighter than ceiling color and done in a high gloss vs. the flat on ceiling. hard to tell, even in 'real life'. darn)

This is my very labor intensive project----the formal dining room.
Here are a series of photos depicting the steps.
[Disclaimer: The 'gold' color was supposed to be a creamy/champagne color---not this intense copper-y gold. but it was a pain to paint, so it's staying. It's growing on me.]

Step 1:
accent the swirls in the plaster with shine and glamour!

Step 2: Shiny silver edge on the dimensional part of ceiling

Step 3: Dramatic Wallpaper on single wall

Close up detail of all three steps:
(I've partially completed the last step which is painting the little lip between the silver and gold parts black to create the illusion of more depth.)

More pictures coming soon! I promise!!