It's 4:15 AM.

Tony and I haven't gone to bed yet.

And won't be at all. Still packing and readying the new house.

I broke down and made Tony buy Mountain Dew. It's truly saved me tonight.

Man. This is the biggest pain. I will be so glad when it's over. Unfortunately, we will still have a lot of stuff here after the movers come in just a few short hours. I just couldn't get it all packed. So we will be coming back and forth for a while. It is what it is. At least we are only moving a few miles away.

I am grateful for this opportunity and we know we are so blessed. Truly, we can't complain about anything. I'm so excited, and a little trepidatious, about starting our lives there. Wondering, most of all, how the girls will adjust. We will all be much happier in our 'new house'.

We've been prepping the girls for the move for weeks saying "momma's (or daddy's) working on the 'new house' " or "pretty soon we'll move to the 'new house' and you'll get to sleep in big girl beds!!" They are SOOO excited for their new "big girl beds". I don't think they even know what it means, but they announce that they are getting "biggurl beyd atta new houuuuse!" every day. I think they can feel the change coming on a deeper level. (how could they not with the disaster that is currently our house? -even more so than normal--which is a scary thought) They didn't want to go to bed tonight and just wanted to stay and get 'cozy' on the couch with me. Tears started to well up when I realized that this would be the last 'cozy' in this house. The last night in the house filled with so many important and special memories! Especially when Jordy looked over at me, saying, almost on the verge of tears, 'my wanna stay he-ure.' Then Avery said 'my wanna stay here too' and then Ashleigh followed suit. I don't know if they just meant here=couch or...could they really mean it that way? I couldn't help but wonder...

Sitting on the couch with them brought thoughts of when Tony and I first moved in, with our hand-me-down couch that only sat three people. Then came the memory of buying our current sectional (which was our first 'big' purchase as a couple), and soon followed by remembering the months, days, hours and minutes I spent on that couch on bed-rest while I carried my three little squirming angels---then bringing them home from the NICU, first Jordyn and Avery after two weeks and Ashleigh two more weeks later. All the time spent {{awake}} taking care of them when they were so tiny, to watching them use that couch to help them take their first steps---which brings us to now when they remove all the pillows, pile them up in front of the couch and yell "One! Two! Go!" and cannon ball into the pillow---and occasionally each other. :)

I just can't believe the time has gone so fast! Five years in, what we thought was, our temporary house...

It's been wonderful. But change is good.

I surely will miss our little house though....


A few last tasks....etc.

Well, tomorrow I will be tiling the back splash. Should be interesting, to say the least. I am having a professional 'show me the ropes' (--er, grout?) and I'm pretty excited. I have always wanted to learn how to do it. I've seen it COUNTLESS times on home make-over shows...so I could TELL you what to do---but as far as actually DOING it, not a clue. After tomorrow I should be a pro! (That was supposed to be a joke...hahaaaa) :)

So on a slightly unrelated note, I was given these little rocking club chairs for free:And have NO CLUE what to do with them.
Recovering them would take too much money and time. I really like the shape and the tufting and stuff, so a slipcover is out---not to mention expensive. And the color actually (and surprisingly) would contrast nicely with my 'aqua-grey-cream-black-and-espresso brown' color-scheme....but they just look.........old.......ya know? Which they are---probably 40 or 50 years or more. Although in PRISTINE condition, I might add!

I thought about spraying them with this stuff. But there isn't really a color I love--maybe the brown or black. Not to mention doing that scares me just a little...but so many people SWEAR by it. I dunno. Suspect.

I thought, maybe a coordinating pillow in an ultra modern print would jazz it up a bit. I like these, but none really GRAB me:

prob my fave, but kinda weird.
no idea what it's supposed to be....
a bit yellow, but the grey and cream is nice....
only a HINT of aqua and maybe a bit too green-ish

straight up orange and cream.
maybe it would bring out the orange in the chairs TOO much...

really like this one, colors are dead on---but is it the right style??
(The print is actually big; this entire picture would be one large pillow!)
I want the pattern to coordinate with this fabric. (picture is brighter than it is in real life):
And I really want some black and white in there somewhere...maybe a damask or zebra or some other large scale print.
So can you see my struggles??
OK, I know, in the grand scheme, very low on the totem pole. But it still occupies my mind! It will be a project down the road a ways anyway, but thought I would throw it out there for some input.
((hint, hint))



Sorry for the bad cell phone pics again. I will take some more this week with the camera now that there isn't so much construction debris floating around!

(Thanks to Tony who has been over there cleaning and vacuuming after the girls go to bed at night. You're the best, hon!!!)

Nook with pantry pocket door, chandelier and a smidgen of the banquette close up of my nailhead detail on the bench. not a quick job---over 200 individual nailheads!
Master bath-Tony's closet.
The frames/track were previously an anodized gold color so I sprayed them chrome.

Front door painted cream and new frosted glass inserts.

Nearly completed dining room. All that's left is the trim around the ceiling and the chandelier that I'm making(ish) that may not work...you will be the judges....

Okay. Hope that satisfies some curiosity out there. :)
More to come. The camera is coming with me this week, I promise!

The move in date is set for the 26th! Wish us luck----we'll need it!!!!!!