"Ohhhhhhhhh! We're Half-Way Theeeee-eeerrrrrrrre!"

Yes, we're "Livin' on a Prayer"....

that we will finish this project sometime this year! Ha ha!!

No really, we are so close. We've actually made more progress beyond this set of pictures, but I just keep forgetting to bring my camera over to the house with me. And my cell phone pictures are quite pathetic. :) So I apologize about the quality.
But here are some new-ish pictures for y'all:

Girls bath up close:
Pale pink upper wall and ceiling with this faux-tin tile wallpaper on the bottom third of wall (black chair-rail to come):

Family room:
Drywall primed, walls textured and then primed again, ceiling and beams painted.

Close up of ceiling and beams
One wall painted
(the beams are actually a shade or two lighter than ceiling color and done in a high gloss vs. the flat on ceiling. hard to tell, even in 'real life'. darn)

This is my very labor intensive project----the formal dining room.
Here are a series of photos depicting the steps.
[Disclaimer: The 'gold' color was supposed to be a creamy/champagne color---not this intense copper-y gold. but it was a pain to paint, so it's staying. It's growing on me.]

Step 1:
accent the swirls in the plaster with shine and glamour!

Step 2: Shiny silver edge on the dimensional part of ceiling

Step 3: Dramatic Wallpaper on single wall

Close up detail of all three steps:
(I've partially completed the last step which is painting the little lip between the silver and gold parts black to create the illusion of more depth.)

More pictures coming soon! I promise!!


Katy said…
you better promise!! i was geared up for LOTS of reading and viewing pleasure!! :)
Katy said…
oh, and everything looks great!! it is hard to picture in parts and pieces but I can tell you have been VERY detailed in your decisions... as it should be. Great work. again, I look forward to more.
Steph said…
It looks so good! I love that gold! And your wallpaper! You're so cool Chelsey.
Nat said…
I love it. So, next time you're in Idaho, are you going to decorate my house for me? You should be an interior designer, for real. Like, on Trading Spaces or something.