A few last tasks....etc.

Well, tomorrow I will be tiling the back splash. Should be interesting, to say the least. I am having a professional 'show me the ropes' (--er, grout?) and I'm pretty excited. I have always wanted to learn how to do it. I've seen it COUNTLESS times on home make-over shows...so I could TELL you what to do---but as far as actually DOING it, not a clue. After tomorrow I should be a pro! (That was supposed to be a joke...hahaaaa) :)

So on a slightly unrelated note, I was given these little rocking club chairs for free:And have NO CLUE what to do with them.
Recovering them would take too much money and time. I really like the shape and the tufting and stuff, so a slipcover is out---not to mention expensive. And the color actually (and surprisingly) would contrast nicely with my 'aqua-grey-cream-black-and-espresso brown' color-scheme....but they just look.........old.......ya know? Which they are---probably 40 or 50 years or more. Although in PRISTINE condition, I might add!

I thought about spraying them with this stuff. But there isn't really a color I love--maybe the brown or black. Not to mention doing that scares me just a little...but so many people SWEAR by it. I dunno. Suspect.

I thought, maybe a coordinating pillow in an ultra modern print would jazz it up a bit. I like these, but none really GRAB me:

prob my fave, but kinda weird.
no idea what it's supposed to be....
a bit yellow, but the grey and cream is nice....
only a HINT of aqua and maybe a bit too green-ish

straight up orange and cream.
maybe it would bring out the orange in the chairs TOO much...

really like this one, colors are dead on---but is it the right style??
(The print is actually big; this entire picture would be one large pillow!)
I want the pattern to coordinate with this fabric. (picture is brighter than it is in real life):
And I really want some black and white in there somewhere...maybe a damask or zebra or some other large scale print.
So can you see my struggles??
OK, I know, in the grand scheme, very low on the totem pole. But it still occupies my mind! It will be a project down the road a ways anyway, but thought I would throw it out there for some input.
((hint, hint))


Aprillium said…
maybe you could do a couple of different types of fabrics for pillows and have like 4 of them... then as your mood changes you can change it around :)
Steph said…
You'll do fine! Did I ever tell you I did some tile work in high school. Long story.... well not really. Anyway, you will be a pro when you're done.

I have no doubt you'll find some super cute way to tie those chairs into your decor. Your Chelsey and we all know that Chelsey=amazing!