Sorry for the bad cell phone pics again. I will take some more this week with the camera now that there isn't so much construction debris floating around!

(Thanks to Tony who has been over there cleaning and vacuuming after the girls go to bed at night. You're the best, hon!!!)

Nook with pantry pocket door, chandelier and a smidgen of the banquette close up of my nailhead detail on the bench. not a quick job---over 200 individual nailheads!
Master bath-Tony's closet.
The frames/track were previously an anodized gold color so I sprayed them chrome.

Front door painted cream and new frosted glass inserts.

Nearly completed dining room. All that's left is the trim around the ceiling and the chandelier that I'm making(ish) that may not work...you will be the judges....

Okay. Hope that satisfies some curiosity out there. :)
More to come. The camera is coming with me this week, I promise!

The move in date is set for the 26th! Wish us luck----we'll need it!!!!!!


Casey's trio said…
Wow Chelsey~ You are talented girl....love all that style you are rockin the house with:) Where is the new house?
Katy said…
wow!! Good Luck
I LOVE everything. I SO wish I could see it in person. I am VERY VERY VERY impressed with your DIY skills and so far I think your house is lovely.
Here are my instructions for what I will need in pictures of your home this week.
1. more pictures
2. bigger view
3. more rooms

I feel like you are taunting me by just taking pictures of corners and things. I mean I love them but I am SO gosh darn curious and I really desire more information in the form of pictures.


BTW... I LOVE your Kitchen nook!
(you didn't know you had such a demanding friend did you?
Ahren said…
Looking so good! I'm excited for more pictures. I hope everything goes well for the move.
The Hunter's said…
Wow! Your house looks like it will be beautiful!! You are very talented!
Katie said…
So we have the same hideous anodized gold color trim/track. I never thought to just paint them. Did you have to do pre-work to it or did you just spray paint it? What kind of paint did you use ( I think ours I will paint black but the ones in the kids room will be this chrome). Does it chip off?

That would be so much cheaper than....ahem...buying new doors and track like Sean wants to.

Do tell..... please. =)

Magic Brush said…
I think it would work on your ceiling if you nearly duplicated the design from the wallpaper. Go to www.modellodesigns.com and check out their patterns. They are pricey....one time use only sticky stencils... so you'd need to be mindful that they could rip up your faux on the ceiling that is there already. Do you have a chandalier in the middle? I'd almost rather see you do a big medallion under the chandalier painted black!!!!!