***Turkey Day Menu***

I can't wait for Turkey Day. However, as much as I enjoy cooking, I just wish I could sit and do nothing while someone else does all the cooking this year. But I digress.

This years' menu will be mostly lower fat. Why not make good food a little bit better for you??

Here it is:

Stuffed Oven Roasted Turkey (of course)
Stuffing with sausage and pine nuts
Fall Salad with buttermilk dressing
Prosciutto wrapped roasted asparagus
Sweet Potato Gratin
Fruit salad
Fresh Green Bean Casserole
Cranberry Pineapple relish
Homemade Gravy

I have yet to figure out dessert (I know, it's tomorrow) But it will all come together!

If anything turns out well, I will share a recipe or two. I love experimenting!! :) Maybe I will take a few pictures and post them tomorrow night.

Come back for some pictures of my recent projects for the Festival of Trees and Lights! It's only a week away!! Yikes!!!

Have a very very happy and GRATEFUL Thanksgiving! Mine will be!