When was the last time you went HERE:

(Or have you EVER been to one??)

I went there to buy a gift yesterday, but it's not where I intended to go---it's a long story. I was looking for an Old Navy that apparently isn't completed yet, even though the website lists it as a current location. GRR. I was mad after spending most of my time driving around, so up the block I saw a Burlington. I thought, "what the heck, I'll give it a try". I hadn't been there in years and I remember the previous comforter we bought there was pretty nice. SO I pulled in.

I walked in the door and was greeted by racks and racks of cool, inexpensive jewelry! I was immediately impressed. I wandered back to the kids section (where I needed to get the gift) and I found lots and lots of viable options! You know how when you are looking for something specific or have money to spend, you can NEVER find anything you like or want??? This was the first time where I was finding LOTS of things, within my budget, that were actually cute!!

After I found what I came for, I decided to wander through the rest of the store, just out of curiosity. What I found shocked me!! There were rows and rows of pillows. Not ugly pillows. Cute pillows. Unique pillows. And they were selling for two for $12! TWO FOR $12?!?! I can't make them for that cheap! (trust me, I know. I just bought several yards of fabric to make my own! grr.) Then after that, rows of curtain panels, and rows of comforters and sheets and etc. etc. THEN in the back section there is the art and mirrors and vases and other decorative accessories. It's divided by color and style so it's easy to find something you like. I found probably $1000 worth of things I would buy in an instant! But I was strong and withstood the temptation. There was a Moroccan inspired section (the style I am basing my family room on) and found a similar table to this one I love that sells for $130:

Burlington's version: (notice the cool moroccan star, colored glass lantern and brass stool!!)

For less than $50! It's a little less intricate, but it gives the same feel. Most of the lanterns and apothecary jars and vases were under $20. It was so fun to look around! I will definitely be coming back! Burlington really surprized me---and I'm excited about that!
Go visit one near you and see what treasures you will find!


I love Burlington! Plus, it's right by my husband's work, so it's rather convenient for me. Glad you rediscovered it. :) Cool tables!
Aprillium said…
WISH we had one near... I actually got my kids crib from one down in UT. Love that place. :)
Black Friday for sure! $10 Boots!
Ha ha ha.... great minds dooooooo think alike ! How funny we focused on those stools ! Ooh la la. Thanks so much for visiting, and sharing your links !!