I'm finally getting to the point where I can make this house look like a home (and not an empty house someone puts furniture in to make it look lived in...aside from the mounds of laundry and dishes, of course... )

It is taking me so unbelievably and annoyingly loooooong to do simple things. I know I have a few distractions, but I feel like that shouldn't be a deterrent. And I realize that most of you are wondering what stage of denial I'm in. :) I just feel like I'm trying to swim through mud. But despite all of that, I've accomplished a few things the first month of 2010---my "YEAR OF ACHIEVEMENT"! OK----that's stretching it. But I do feel like this is my year to "get ahead"....or at the very least catch up.

Here are a few pictures of the current projects:


traditional pink and black girly/vintage theme with modern twists.

Take my fave pics from this B&W Paris calendar:

Add a blank canvas:

Add some spray adhesive and clear enamel spray for humidity protection; followed by a yet to be added black ribbon edge: = CHEAP ART!!
I realize they are crooked. I just threw them up so I could take a picture. I still need to add the black ribbon band around the edge to finish it off.

Cornice box over the window: (for a tutorial go here)

Vinyl decal on the door "Le Bain" (means "the bath" in French, of course)
I still need to put up the black chair-rail above the glazed faux tin wallpaper (can't wait to break in my Christmas gift of an air nailer! yay!), add either a real or faux roman shade in white THEN I've got an interesting ceiling treatment up my sleeve. And someday there will be beautiful things on the countertop. But until my children are older, that will have to wait.

I will reveal when it's all completed
...sometime this century....


::The Family Room::

*sneak peek*


Katy said…
Wow that bathroom looks SO great!!! I love it! Esp the cornice box. I really really need some serious window treatment options because I feel like doing a cornice box on every window in my entire house. That is lame- but really I do because I love the look.
Anywho- great job

(looks just like your name)
You are so talented! I've never seen your home but I get goose bumps just looking at your pictures.
Karebear said…
Chelsey, you have the best taste! I absolutely love what you are doing and are planning to do with your home. All I can say is WOW!!!