Randomness and Stuff 'Bout Me

I don't know why I feel the need to spurt insignificant facts and nuggets about myself and the truly random thoughts that I have. I guess I want to let everyone know just how big of a dork I really am (and secretly hoping you are a dork just like me!)

The following will probably be long and boring. I won't be offended if you stop reading here.......

1. American Idol. Don't love anyone this year. And I'm a little depressed that I'm too old to be on the show now....not that I'd ever actually want to (or think that I am good enough) to be on it. But I did have a plan to at least audition for the fun of it. It's depressing that it's not even an option. Now, about Ellen being on the show----everyone needs to cut her a little slack. It's that "darned if you do...darned if you don't" situation. When she was cast to replace Paula, everyone was afraid she would make too many jokes and she would get old, real fast. I was one of them! Well, now everyone is upset that she doesn't tell
enough jokes. I've seen her talk show and she is, and always has been, a fan of 'Idol'. She truly wants to help the kids and I think music is at the core of her very being. I think she hates to tell someone something hurtful, but wants to help them improve and grow as artists and musicians. I think she is taking it very seriously and I think people should give her a little room to 'grow into' her new position.
2. Tiger Woods. First of all, is anyone really surprised by all that's gone on with him lately? And secondly, are we all really that naive to think he's the only {golfer, athlete, or man, etc. etc.} to be unfaithful?? Then why is everyone treating it as such???? Because he got caught and he's famous. That's why. I say, WHO CARES?! Honestly, no one is rooting for him more than me. Well, maybe his wife. But really, if HE can change, then ANYONE can, right??? I really want to believe people can change. So, you go, Tiger! I'm behind ya 110%!
3. I really am fascinated with geology and weather. Specifically, naturally occurring phenomena (is that a word?) My sister asked me this week why I felt that way---and I really couldn't come up with a solid answer. Scared? Paranoid? Nerdy? Curious? I guess, yes to all of that. I've been deathly frightened of thunder and lightening since I was a young child----but I would also be the first person to stare out the window at a lightening storm. I find them strangely romantic, yet petrifying. I frequently check the Mt. St. Helens webcam, the USGS recent earthquakes website and I love to watch the Weather Channel. I'm a huge fan of the show Storm Chasers and in another life, I would like to be a tornado chaser person. There is a word for them, but it's late and I haven't slept well in weeks, so the word escapes me...I think. :/ Whenever I drive through this certain stretch of highway in Nevada on the way to Utah or Idaho, I love to watch the "Tasmanian Devils" (as my brother and I named them when we were younger---they're really just called 'dust devils'). There was a wicked cool one I saw on this recent trip last week. It was almost touching some low lying clouds---it was awesome.
4. I also love stars and planets. I could stare at the night sky for hours and hours. I want to know more about the constellations. I miss being able to see part of the Milky Way at night....that's one good thing about Idaho that I miss. ;)
5. I love *Nsync. Notice I didn't say "loved". Love. As in, currently and still. I've been to three of their concerts, learned some of the dances and probably know more useless facts about them than anyone would ever care to know. I never tried to learn this information. It just sunk in as I watched every interview on TV they ever did. What?? I'm not pathetic, I swear. However, it's sad to me that there are High School aged children who don't even know Justin Timberlake was in a band before he was just bringin' sexy back. Because *NSYNC totally rules and kicks Backstreet Boys' tushies. (k, I don't hate BSB...they have some good songs too. I just wanted to rile some of you 'BSB-ers up...) :D
6. I love being a girly girl. But I love playing sports too. Not so much watching it. Unless I have someone to root for or unless it's in person. Then it's OK. Have you ever watched NASCAR when you have someone to cheer for? It's actually sort of fun! (but you can totally take a nap after the start and wake up in time to see the end...) :)
7. I'm super competitive. I hate when people don't keep score. What's the point then, ya know?? I compete with myself on a daily basis to see how fast I can do "x" activity and improve my time or results. Like, 'can I type this sentence super fast and not make any typos....?' chances are slim, but I'm gonna try anyway.
8. I like to find the fastest, yet most efficient way of doing practically everything.
9. I like to do things in the most logical order. I could go into detail, but I might come across as being a little crazy. (as if I haven't already proven that...)
10. I like Campbell's tomato soup, but I jazz it up with my own blend of spices....If I told you what they are, I'd have to kill you. J/K. And THEN I like to melt a pound (not really...but close) of cheese in it and make sure every bite is full of cheesy tomato-y goodness. Accompanied by a tall glass of milk, of course. Yum.
11. I hate cheesecake. Anything with cream cheese, actually. I smell it from across the room and I gag. Cottage cheese, too.
12. I haven't finished college. And truthfully, I don't know if I want to. I fully intend on going back to school, but for the purpose of learning---not to get a degree. Maybe that is foolish. I don't know. I experienced a school and life burn out when in college and I just needed a time-out. When the time is right, I will resume my formal schooling. But for now, the Internet will do. (I know that one made some people cringe).
13. Speaking of which, I love the Internet. I love that any question I have or dilemma I'm going through, someone out there will have the same question and I can find the answer in seconds. I guess that makes me obsessed/impatient/needy, but I'm OK with that.
14. I love all things pretty. I love make-up. I love fashion. I love home decor. I love nature. I love it all. Especially shoes....
15. I love to create. Anything. This is my favorite quote that I will be putting on my 'craft room' wall...someday....
"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. No matter our talents, education, backgrounds, or abilities, we each have an inherent wish to create something that did not exist before...Everyone can create. You don’t need money, position, or influence in order to create something of substance or beauty. Creation brings deep satisfaction and fulfillment. We develop ourselves and others when we take unorganized matter into our hands and mold it into something of beauty..." Fantastic, right??? When I heard this talk, it felt like it pierced my very soul and was directed right at me. Read the entire thing here. Even if you don't have the same beliefs I do, I think what he talked about is universal. I truly believe that.
16. I've always wanted to be a 'stay at home mom'.
17. If I'd had a more positive sense of my body image in Jr. High and High School I would have been a cheerleader. I taught myself dance and some gymnastics and have always loved it. But the thought of me being in a short skirt was vomit inducing at the time. I still don't love my legs...I'm a work in progress, alright?
18. I love diamonds. Maybe because it's my birthstone, but I don't think I could ever have too many.....although I'd be perfectly satisfied with 2 carat cushion or asscher cut studs in my ears.....that's per ear, not total. :) A girl can dream, right?
19. I'm a shopaholic. But I restrain myself quite well (financial situations---like having children---help with that, lol). I could literally spend all day browsing online websites or strolling through any and every mall and boutique anywhere. I could find at least one thing to buy in every store on the planet (if money was no object, of course). Don't believe me? I dare you to try and find one. Wait, maybe I take that back....there are probably a lot of stores in the world.....
20. I don't really like to read. If I can finish a book in a day or two, that's fine. But I hate to pick a book up, stop, pick it up a day or three later, forget what I read, go back, re-read....yuck. See #8. Neither fast nor efficient.
21. I love movies and TV.
22. Music is one of my favorite things in the world. All kinds. Except elevator jazz music and some southern gospel. I really love R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop. I especially love songs that combine all three. Some classical music is super invigorating to me as well.
23. I have too many interests. I like to try everything, but stop short of actually becoming good at something. Ballet, piano, violin, track, volleyball, softball...all things I stopped prematurely for one reason or another. I did extend my violin playing to the orchestra in college, but I didn't really try hard to make myself better.
24. I hate being the center of attention. Being sung "happy birthday" and opening gifts in front of people are my two least favorite things.
25. I have a slight social anxiety. I am not good at conversation and I hate talking about myself, which I always feel I end up doing. I much prefer to people watch. In fact, I really love to people watch.
26. I like to cook but I LOVE to bake. I try to put a personal spin on every recipe I make.

27. I am fascinated with history. Especially interested in buildings and architecture. I have a long list of places I want to visit that include all the classics, like Egypt, Greece, Italy, France and London, as well as places in the states. Whenever I'm driving and I see an old building, I study it's ornate or unique characteristics and I always think about all the people that have ever lived there, or worked there or even just passed through. I love walking through an old house---you just feel the history. I love watching 'Antiques Roadshow' and I am starting to collect a few antiques in my house. They just feel more special than the new stuff you find at the stores.
28. I love ghost stories and urban legends. I sort of like to be scared. Maybe it's because I'm from Idaho and there was nothing better to do, but I can remember numerous times visiting supposed 'haunted places' around town. I like to watch those ghost chaser shows--you know the ones?? However I saw one the other day that scared me to death---and not in a good way. They try to make the 'spirits' angry and I didn't like that. I like the more mild and wholesome ghost shows. :) I especially love the ones they do in the old civil-war era homes and plantations. Creepy, but totally interesting. If you are ever bored, look up your city's urban legends or haunted places. Chances are, there are some near you!! (A couple miles away from my house there is an empty couple of acres that is an old Native American burial ground....you should hear the stories the people who live around it tell!!)

OK I will stop here....in case there is anyone left actually reading this. Told you it would be long and boring. Maybe my kids will get a kick out of it someday.

Yes, I have issues. And I've come to terms with them. So there you have it. I think I may regret this post.... :/


Karebear said…
Chelsey, I totally read every word of this post!! I loved it! It was fun to see how similar we both are. We are definitely related :)
I love watching your blog and getting to know you better. You are an absolute blast! Thanks for sharing all this fun stuff about yourself. It really is more interesting than you may think.
Aprillium said…
Number 23 could be me... 'cept with a different list of things I started and then stopped :)

I too read the whole thing, and NO you won't regret it! It is awesome to know more about you, I new you loved to make things... but the rest was very enlightening, well except the NSYNC thing... I remember you and Rachelle going on and on about them lol I was never that into them, Joey was cute though... still is actually. hehe
Ahren said…
Loved the whole post Chelsey! Who wouldn't want to know all the little details about you? You're amazing!
Ashley A. said…
I'm so glad I checked this blog! It was fun to learn more about you. I can't believe you hate cheesecake! So, the first time I met you, in the Cheesecake Factory, you were basically gagging at the sight of my dessert! :)

I wish I had even a tenth of your creative instincts/talents/skills. Oh well, I guess we all have our strengths. I am totally competitive, too. Unfortunately, I think it is rubbing off on my children.