She Got Her Hair Did and Her Face On

A good friend asked me if I would do her hair and make-up for her Prom yesterday in exchange for babysitting the girls and I was so honored to do it. Heck, I'd eat dirt for free babysitting! haha! (just kidding....mostly...)

It's been a while since I've done make-up or hair for an event and I've missed it! Thanks for the opportunity, J!
This girl couldn't be more beautiful if she tried. Seriously. Here are some photos:
I feel bad I didn't touch up her bangs after messing with them while doing her eyes. But I see she fixed my mistake after she got dressed. Phew! (sorry so close, but I wanted to show the make-up!) :)
Look at her and her cute date!
Hope you liked your hair and make up and that you both had a great time!


Ah she looks so pretty! Good job Chels
I love it! She's so beautiful!
Ashley A. said…
I agree. So beautiful. Awesome job.
knk said…
beautiful hair she looks amazing cute couple