Spring Wreaths

I need a new post here, so I will just throw up some pictures of the front door wreaths I did for Spring ((since it's almost Summer now.......))

I've decided it's kind of a lot of pressure to have double doors because you have to attempt to double the fabulous-ness. And when I'm short on time and funds, unique doesn't usually fit into the equation. I will say that these are the second versions I did because the first looked like bad 80's funeral wreaths. Not that these are much better, but believe me, if you would have seen them before.....{shudders}. No one should have to see such hideousness. I'm embarrassed that I had one on a door for a two day trial. Ugh.
SO here they are:

OK---You are all in for a treat! I found a picture of the original version. I can't believe I'm even sharing it. Seriously, I'm nearly convulsing at the thought of anyone looking at it. Uck. Uck. Uck. But here you go. I have no shame..... :)

This is what happens when you just throw stuff on all willy-nilly. HAVE A PLAN, PEOPLE!!
It's like 80's floral puke on my front door.
I'm glad I took the time to re-do....LOL



I actually think I like the first one better than the second one. Something about the little white and pink flowers. :) Haha Oh well, to each her own.