**Happy Birf-Day 'Merica!**

So, of COURSE we had to have cake for America's birthday!
After all, what's a birthday without cake??
Sad. That's what.
Here's one of my daughters, Ashleigh, blowing out the candles:
(four for "The 4th of July")
All red-white-and-blue starry-ness.
(taken the next day so it had bled a little...)

Here's the inside.
What does it look like??

(honestly, I can't believe it worked...especially since I had to improvise)
Yummy in our tummies.

I'm sure everyone and their dog made this cake after seeing it here on this cute blog.

I was tired of the strawberries and blueberries flag cake but I still wanted to make something festive so when I saw this one, I knew I had to try it.

It took a good 3 hours from start to finish (I didn't freeze it overnight, but that would have helped with the frosting part).
I also didn't have the round cookie cutters or an extra bottle of blue food coloring gel, so I made a tube out of waxed paper and used about 20-30 drops of liquid food dye. As you can see, it worked out alright.
Instead of doing circles on the outside (which I think is adorable!!) I used a star cookie cutter. It was a challenge to get the dye on the edges, but it did the trick. Next time I will do more stars because there are a lot of 'voids', but we were in a hurry and wanted our CAKE! :)
Instead of cream cheese frosting, I did a basic buttercream. Also, I used too much frosting in-between the layers (trying to remedy my bad batter leveling skills) so I wasn't left with much to play with out the outside. Oh well, you live and learn. It tasted great, anyway!!

I hope you try it next year! Thanks for the inspiration!

Stars and Stripes FOREVER!


Kristin said…
You did a FABulous job with that cake. Happy happy bday to your lil' lady!