Growing On Me.

I guess they aren't that bad.

I have ALWAYS had a hard time with seeing something in my mind and having whatever it was turn out differently.

Sort of like when you eat too much and you say, "My eyes were bigger than my stomach!"----except it's, "My brain thinks I'm way better than my actual skill level!". Time and time again this happens. But I'm ok with it all in the end. Just takes an adjustment on my part.

I do wish they were bigger, but they work. Actually, I'm starting to like them.

By the way, I, in no way, was trying to solicit positive comments to feed my ego in the previous "wreath disaster" post....I was just being honest. Truly. I was totally expecting someone to say, "yeah, you're right. they stink". (maybe a little nicer than that....)

What a difference a few days and a sliced finger make.....

More on that later....hopefully it turns out to be nothing....


Kristin said…
I think your wreaths are adorable. Hope you had a fab holiday and that your wreaths are still rockin' it out front!